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I will tell the history of how they came about.
I will also go though the steps on how to make
a black&white. This is an art form that
(as far as I know) I created and formed.

It all started when I was at my fathers office, two to three years ago. I was board and started to play around with my friends names. The first black&whites were simple. They had the name of one of my friends and a few designs. Over time they started to develop into what they are now. As I grew and develop my skills, my black&whites got more and more advanced.

I had a book where I would
draw and put in all the black&whites
I had. I took it everywhere I went.
So, if I was ever bored,
I would have something to do.
This black&whites book had the original
and the developed one in it.

In the spring semester of 99, I took it to my
speech class and I have seen it since. I don't
know if someone stole it or I lost it
or if it got thrown away.

My black&whites have grown, in many ways.
They have grown in size and in how advanced
they are. The black&white now tell about the
person it is made for. It tell what the person
likes, there favorite number, the year
they graduated, their birthday, etc.
The size of one black&white can range
from 2"4" to 8"11".

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Thank You