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Hi, my name is Melissa. I am a graduate from CCBC- Catonsville Campus. I went to school for graphics arts, visual communication. I have an Associate Degree in the field. I hope to get into the field of graphic arts-visual communication, computer graphics or graphic design. I would also like to work for a place the understands family is important. It would be beneficial if the job also had the option to work from home from time to time. I am also interested in sign language (ASL) and can carry on a basic conversation.

One of my more unique talents is the hand drawn Black&Whites. This is a compilation of symbols and or designs surrounding either a name (for example: a business name, company name, group, individual person, online handle, etc) a specific idea, business slogan or logo. To view some samples of this type of work, please visit the Black&White section of this site.

Another thing I enjoy is making Anime Music Videos (AMV's). AMV creation takes a good sense of timing and placement when putting the animated clips to the specific music. These skills do not, however, strictly pertain to the realm of animation. This means they can be applied to live action, slide show presentations and other mediums. To view some samples of this type of work, please visit the AMV section of this site.

I also enjoy creating web sites, currently I have this site, another site and one in the making. I have experience using Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop in making these sites. I make most of the graphics for the sites myself. To view some samples of this type of work, please visit the Portfolio section of this site.


Cell : 859-609-1937

Melissa Carney is a freelance Designer interested in Freelance Jobs